Online Group Therapy

Our on-line therapy will mirror our on-site therapy except that instead of participating in group discussions in-person, you will participate in forums and if desired, in a drop-in group meeting.  We will use evidence-based therapies such as CBT, mindful meditation and meaning-based therapy. These therapies have been proven to work well with Veterans who have PTSD, anxiety, and depression.


  1. These will be similar to the on-site therapy, but you will connect through virtual drop-ins with the lead therapist for the initial assessment and goal setting process.
  2. There will be modules sent to you each week where you will learn skills, gain new insights and connect with others through weekly on-line forums and drop-ins.


  1. Discover new purpose
  2. Be challenged to make meaningful changes.
  3. Improve sleep, gain more energy and work towards a hopeful future
  4. Learn new skills to help you cope with life's challenges


Dates: Week of October 5th

Location: On-line platform

Contact us: Email or call 613-631-1033.

Service will be free to those who are pensioned for mental health, but if you are not, you may participate with payments.

Please fill out the registration form and indicate when you are available to begin.