Operation Who Am I

After three years of serving you, we have consistently heard how you miss having purpose.  You had a common mission that united the team.  You fought for your country.  Now you are transitioning out, and you wonder how you can continue to feel that purpose or that team spirit?


This book is divided into three sections.  These sections cover your past, your current situation and then focus on your future.  The end of the book helps you define your own personal mission.  


It is a 25-day program with an expectation of about one-hour of your time answering questions and then half-way through the book, challenges are presented on top of the questions.  These challenges are aimed at pushing you to experience something different. 


It is important that you commit some time each day to doing this.  These questions may be used in conjunction with mental health therapy or as an exercise before you begin vocational exercises.  The more you know about yourself, the better you will be able to choose your next steps.  


From my experience, many veterans know what they don't want, but not many know what they do want.   This guided journal will help you with this.