by Brenda Northey

Anxious about life after service? Looking for purpose once again?

Discover what is meaningful to you from your past and apply it today and to your future.  Our book is geared to Veterans and Members Transitioning to Civilian life.  The book has three stages finishing with you creating your own Personal Mission.  About one-hour per day for 25 days is all you need to invest.  If you are no longer looking for a career, treat the book as your biography.  Let the next generation know who you are.


Digital version is also available. 


For US Residents, you can purchase the book here.

For orders of over 20 books, you may contact us directly for a bulk rate by phone at 416-988-1100 or email.

Join our workshops and work through the chapters together.

"He who has a why to live can bear almost any how."


Let us help you with your why and help you begin to move forward.

You may reach us at admin@operationwellbeing.ca


To get started you may fill out our registration form on-line and call or text us for more information at (613) 631-1033