Phase One

Our counselors for individual sessions are available to help you cope with these times, working with to you develop meaningful, short term goals and the steps to achieve them. We understand that these times are creating further anxiety, depression and lack of purpose. Let us help you with those issues first.

We believe strongly that all Veterans need to "transition with purpose". Our clients for Phase One are Veterans who have mental health issues. There is no cost, if you are pensioned. If you are not pensioned, but would like help, we can arrange direct payment options. We can also help you begin the claims process so that you are not stressed with all of the paperwork.

Achieving A
Personal Life Plan - Phase Two

As a Veteran, your Program will include some or all of the following:

  1. Achieving a renewed purpose as a civilian that is meaningful to you
  2. Learning and implementing coping skills for mental health issues
  3. Building life skills to help with everyday needs as a civilian
  4. Transitioning from military to civilian life
  5. Developing peer support opportunities and applying your team building skills
  6. Understanding who you are and what your unique contribution could be

Due to the COVID virus, we are unable to implement our unique on-site team therapy. This type of therapy has been used with Veterans with mental health issues in the United States with great success.   Our current clients and our focus group of Veterans have expressed enthusiasm for this program.   Stay tuned for our start dates.

The Clinic is now open to On site Individual Counseling Visits

Hours Open During the COVID 19

Our Hours
Clinic Hours -  We are open on Fridays from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. to service individual counseling.  Spots for counseling available.  Due to the size of our space, we are able to practice social distancing easily.

Office Hours - While we are open most mornings, we are only accepting individual appointments as needed.

Book an individual appointment by phone, by email or by visiting us in person at 100 Crandall Street (in the HGS building behind Tim Hortons)

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