Would you like to feel at peace?

Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, PTSD or just a loss of identity or purpose since leaving service? Would you like to meet other Veterans with similar barriers or  would you prefer to do your therapy from your home?   We have options for you to decide on how you would like to move forward now. 

Whether you have been a veteran for years or are just becoming one, Operation Well-Being has been established to help Veterans discover meaning and purpose again.  Our new group therapy program combines sit-down and physical exercises that will help you feel energized and hopeful.

Choose what you would like. Go to our On-site tabs for more information

  1. Option A - Operation Who Am I (available in October, 2021)
  2. Option B - Group Counselling


We will continue to follow Public Health protocols during our group and individual therapy sessions.

 Our group sessions are outlined under on-site group therapy and are available in Petawawa for this next session.

We are available to answer your emails at admin@operationwellbeing.ca


To learn more or get started you may fill out our registration form on-line and call or text us for more information at (613) 631-1033