In 2019, Operation Well-Being began as a multi-disciplinary clinic servicing Veterans in the Pembroke and Petawawa area.   However, due to ongoing program shutdowns due to COVID restrictions, we had to close our clinic.


However, during COVID, the founder focused on developing a guided journal to help veterans who kept complaining that they were lacking purpose and identity.   Hence, the book, "Operation Who Am I" is a guided journal offered to anyone who wants to improve their daily life.   We had encouraged on-site, group participation, but found that many veterans had become more comfortable with remote group therapy.


Operation Well-Being will continue to focus on veterans with mental health needs.  The Guided Journal had been reviewed by military and veterans and the feedback was that the book should be offered as a workshop for those with mental health needs.   We have now done that and are pleased to offer our workshops in Ontario this Spring,  with the goal of expanding access to the workshops across Canada by the Fall.


Brenda Northey, M.B.A.

Founder and Book Author


Brenda has spent time trying to understand the issues of military transition, the issues of veterans and the issues surrounding mental health.  This guided journal is a collection of questions that she has used in her Executive Workshops, in workshops with civilians with mental health issues  and with her veteran social groups.  She completed her training in logotherapy for administrators who wanted to influence program design.   Logotherapy is a meaning-based therapy developed by Viktor Frankl. 


Her integrity, commitment and creativity have removed many barriers.


Brenda combines her business skills with her psychology research and logotherapy background to design programs that are outcome and purpose-driven.  More information on her is available at