You have served us. Now let us serve you

Your commitment to our country will be matched by our commitment to you.


Whether you are a Veteran with mental health issues or a Veteran looking to find identity and purpose, we have programs that will suit your needs.   No Waiting list.


Are you feeling stuck?   Go to our On-site tabs to review our therapy options.


Those who have served for many years often possess strong military skills and values, but may feel lost when it comes to finding their way in civilian Life.   We recommend our own Operation Who Am I I exercises.

Looking for More?

Do you want to participate with others in producing off-the-grid products with zero emission?  Check out our Green Innovation Program.

Do you want to socialize with other Veterans?  Join us for free Cookies and Coffee every third Wednesday of the month from 10:00 a.m. until noon, Cancelled until further notice.


These programs are offered to all Veterans,  whether you served years ago or are just releasing.

We are a private clinic that is committed to helping Veterans move forward in a meaningful way.