Our Philosophy

If you have the will, we will find a meaningful way forward for you.   While, we have worked with civilians and veterans with severe to mild mental health issues, this pandemic has created periods where everyone has experienced some level of mental health.  Whether you have lost someone or lost your business or just lost your way of life, you have all felt suffering.  We have all been forced to change our ways and become isolated and somewhat self-absorbed as we try to find a way to cope with this new situation.  We do not feel in control and that can lead to mental health issues like anxiety and depression.  


Our new focus is to help individuals find renewed purpose and consequently a new sense of self.   We believe your suffering should not define you, and we would like to get you involved in projects/programs before they do.








Brenda Northey, M.B.A.

Founder and Book Author


Brenda has a reputation for researching and implementing innovative processes and for forming process-based collaborations.  Some of her approaches have changed Transition Housing policies and have been used by municipal governments like York Region. 


She has a reputation for developing client-based processes that implement all agencies needed to help clients achieve mental well-being and employment (paid or unpaid).   She has shown that she works with all groups who are invested in the same client success.  


Her integrity, commitment and creativity have removed many barriers.


Brenda combines her business skills with her psychology research and logotherapy background to design programs that are outcome and purpose-driven.  More information on her is available at www.bjnc.ca