On-Site team Therapy

Our Team workshops are geared to help employees with short term mental health issues feel meaningful purpose.  Following the philosophies of Viktor Frankl and his logotherapy ( meaning-based therapy), we will be designing in-house customized programs.    Many times, people with mental health issues, spend a lot of time alone.  We feel that using a team approach, we can help some employees turn around their situation and feel connected once again.   We do not ask for confidential disclosures in the sessions so that each employee can feel comfortable and safe within their environment.   Rather we focus on purpose-driven projects that provide daily satisfaction.



1) Assessment of employees and of resources available on-site

2) Design program

3) Implement Program

Costs are based upon each stage.  There is no obligation to pay for all stages.



  1. Meet other employees and form new connections
  2. Discover new purpose
  3. Be challenged to make meaningful changes
  4. Learn new skills to help you cope with life's challenges
  5. Improve your sleep, gain more energy and work towards a hopeful future






Contact Us: Email us at admin@operationwellbeing.ca or text or call us at 613-631-1033.